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Transpersonal Healing

what we do

  • Transpersonal Counseling - Using the effective techniques from all schools of     psychology & also including spiritual realm.
  •  Neuroptimal Neurofeedback -  You just sit back and relax while the Neuroptimal trains your brain to heal itself through sound/music.  It combines music and EEG brain technology in 1/2 hour treatments.  It's a very powerful complement to traditional talk therapy. 
  • Music Therapy - Using music/sound to facilitate healing.  The Bonny Method -Guided Imagery and Music, music for self expression, song writing, playing music, toning, communications skills, group music therapy,  relaxation, creativity, memory, alzheimers, dementia, and a complement to speech, physical & occupational therapies.
  • Music Education - Private lessons in classical flute & Music Theory.
  • Addiction Harm Reduction - An  up & coming  & very  effective treatment for drug/alcohol addiction that works with the person to improve their life, help to reduce the negative consequences and help make healthy progress away from destructive things/patterns.
  • Mindfulness Focused Therapy - Integrating Eastern philosophy (like meditation) & traditional Western psychology as a regular practice.
  • Psychedelic Integration - We are working hard to ensure that psychedelic use in therapy will be legal by 2021 in the US (  Using psychedelic substances to induce a non-ordinary (or altered) state of consciousness is a very effective way to work through difficult emotions/memories.  Currently, we can use psychedelic integration in therapy to help clients understand and/or process their psychedelic/altered state experiences & find meaning & growth there within.
  • Psychedelic Harm Reduction - Reducing the harm of recreational psychedelic use through  psychedelic education & safe use practices & principles, and advocating for and making drug testing kits available for purchase. 
  • Holotropic Breathwork - Stanislav Grof's therapeutic technique using patterns of breathing to acheive  an "altered state" for which can then be therapeutically effective.
  • Spiritual Emerge-ency - Supporting clients through life crises - big & small.  We can help you work through what we call "Spiritual Emerge-encies"; we view these not as breakdowns, but break-opens.  Crises can be used as gifts or positive opportunities for growth & healing.
  • Parenting Education, Support, & Advocacy - Offering the Becoming A Love & Logic Parent Program (6 class series), consulting/advocating for families with Social Service Child Protection involvement (mmj, immunizations, etc.), Therapeutic School Liason, and more. 


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$125 - New Client Session

$75 - Regular Session (50 mins)
$500 - Intensive (4-6 hrs)


Skype appointments available


Becoming a Love and Logic Parent Program

6 Sessions (2 hrs each) for $200 (+ $20 material fee) per person


Music Lessons

$30  (30 mins)

$50  (50 mins)



Fees are subject to change; check with practitioner


Contact Info:


Phone: (734) 985-0606



Mon & Thurs:  3pm-8pm 

Tues & Wed:  8am-10am

Fri: 8am-2pm 

Other times and weekends by appointment





Farmington Hills:

31410 Northwestern Hwy, Suite G

Farmington Hills, MI 48334

Ann Arbor:

6360 Jackson Rd. Suite A 
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